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seriously.  how much more of a punk can you be than to take away an hour of sleep?


not to mention that i have to methodically go through the house and change a billion clocks.  i never realize how many clocks i have in the good ole condo until i have to change the time.  i have 9 clocks.  9!  and one in the car…so 10 clocks total.  and heaven forbid that i forget to change one, like i did.  this morning, after losing an hour of sleep (curse you spring forward!), i was so confused because 2 of them didn’t match up.  now kids, i am not a morning person.  not in the slightest bit.  i am grumpy.  i am groggy.  and i generally hate everything and everyone.  just ask my mom, i chucked many an alarm clock at her when she’d wake me up for school (in my defense, i was 1/2 asleep when i did this.  i would never chuck an alarm clock at her if i was fully awake.  i love my mom, she’s awesome).


so lost an hour of sleep.  confusing, mismatched clocks.  and a general sense of confusion.  all of these things contributed to me mis-reading my schedule and thinkin i opened.  which i didn’t.  and i realized this when i was already half way to work.  dammit!  my work isn’t very close to my condo.  i live in OKC, work in north edmond…a good 30 min drive, 20 if i’m feeling extra speedy.


so what do i do?  do i just bite the bullet and go into work?  do i run errands?  do i sip a coffee at a *oh the horror* starbucks?


fuck no.  i turned the car around and went back home.  i put back on the pjs and carefully draped my work clothes over the chair so they wouldn’t wrinkle.  and me & mr bix crawled back into bed for an extra hour of sleep.


my conclusion: spring forward is only worth it if it’s a bright and sunny day with nothing to do.  especially if i have a super cute sun dress on and am going to a picnic or chillin with friends on the porch.

a delightful picnic anyone?

a fancy pants picnic paired with this…

this ethereal max azria dress is perfect for spring. and that's exactly how i would look in it, natch

                                                                                                …then i’m cool with the whole “spring foward” thing

otherwise, thanks…but no thanks.  i’ll take that hour of sleep back.  thanks.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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