Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




when your mission is to take 2,010 pictures of hugs, you run the risk of it becoming monotonous.  with that many hugs, it could easily spiral into something similar to eating a bland meal every day.


but i solemnly vow to never let that happen.


after reviewing the 432 awesome pictures of hugs, i found that there are 7 favorite “types” of hugs.  here they are:


1) the “Shark Attack”

possibly my favorite.  it’s when i sneak up on an unsuspecting victim, encircle them with my arms (it’s best if you’re not quite touching them so they’re unaware of the attack), and snap a pic.  when the flash goes off, they normally turn and that’s when you go in for the full-fledged hug.  ATTACK!

duh nuh, duh nuh, duh nuh (that was the jaws theme song, bee tee dub)

2) the “Koala Hug”

this hug is where person A hangs on to person B, while hugging.  i call it the “Koala Hug” because it reminds me of the little koalas that i clipped to my pencil in elementary school.  this hug is also super fun, but you must hug someone who you trust not to drop you on your ass. 


just hangin out, like a koala

 3) the “Candid Moment”

catching real hugs between real friends is a nice mix up.  they’re totally unaware of me taking the pic.  these hugs aren’t scripted, aren’t staged…it’s just real friends, exchanging real hugs.  ain’t nothin better than that.  except the “shark attack” hug…duh nuh, duh nuh, duh nuh.

the wallflower and lil M, bein real

 4)  the “Awkward Stranger”

these happen the most when i go around asking strangers to hug.  i find level of awkwardness depends on how well i execute on my spiel and if they are sober enough to comprehend.  mostly it’s just awkward.  but that’s half the fun of walking around the bar and mingling.  plus, i am a fan of awkward.

stranger: "uhhhh....what is this for again? is she for real?"; me: "yes, now smile!"

 5) the “Genuine Hug from a Stranger”

occasionally, when i’m on the stranger hug mission, you find people who are all about the hugs.  in fact, i may try to do the aloof side-hug so i don’t cross someone’s personal-space comfort zone.  but then they bring ya in for the real deal.  these are my secret favorites.  i’m a real hugger.  i don’t like the light back-pat hugs.  so i appreciate the people who commit to giving an actual hug (and respect the project enough to not cross the line into sexual harassment ville). *blog high five*

stranger danger, be damned. i want a real hug!

6)  the “Crazy Face”

probably the least flattering of hugs, but the most hilarious.  so i’m there, hugging someone (normally a stranger) and it starts off looking like a normal hug.  then riiiiiight before the flash, i make a crazy face.  i try to mix up the type of crazy face i make…cross-eyed, goofy grin, fish face, etc.  the only down-side is that normally i scrunch my chin into my neck which  creates the triple chin look…but oh well.  it’s a sacrifice i’m willing to make for comedy.

i know i've already posted this one. but gosh darnnit, it's too funny!


7)  the “Drunky Brewster”

 i have a go-to face, it highlights the cheekbones and i “smile with my eyes” like tyra banks told me to.  normally i’m smirking cuz i’m cool like that (and it detracts from the fact that i have barely any lips).  the “Drunky Brewster” is a more intoxicated, meredith-trying-to-be-saucy version.  it’s my go-to face, with a faux kiss instead of a smirk and an alcohol glaze.  you can tell mama’s had a few if i am 1) making this face and II) i am dancing.  this specific photo, i am doing both.  oh mylanta. 

oh mylanta. drunky brewster dance par-tay!



yep, those are my favorite types of hugs…so far.  i still have plenty of hugs to give and time to mix it up.



oh!  and i just thought i’d share that i just saw someone riding a bike with a 12 pack of keystones.  he walked in, with the stones in hand, paid a bill, and got back on his bike.  also, this was at 1:30 in the afternoon.

hmmmm….witnessing something that awesome…does it?  could it?  yep!  i think that officially makes today a victory. 



Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

4 thoughts on “HUGS WITH PANACHE

  1. Ummmmm….I believe you failed to mention the inappropriate boob-graze. Please and thank you.

    • the inappropriate boob-graze is in the top 10 fav individual hug pics of all time…but you’re the only person i’ve done the inappropriate boob graze with, so i couldn’t include it in the “types” of hug…yet.

  2. # 6…My Fav :)

  3. victoryyyyy!!!! fo sho…

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