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there are times that i love being an adult.

i don’t have a curfew.  i have my own place and it can be as messy or clean as i want to be.  i can drink, smoke, vote, and curse whenever i feel like it (ok, ok…not at work.  that’s inappropriate).  i can dance around my house, using a spoon as a microphone, and sing led zeppelin loudly and out of tune and no one is there to judge.



but there are times when you have to be responsible and make good spending decisions.

and that is when i hate being an adult.  like today.


so i’m drivin around, headed to work, blastin a lil Florence and the Machines.  i hit the stoplight and notice an odd noise coming from my car…more specifically the brake pads and a light grinding of doom.  dammit.  in one day, it moved from “i need to get brake pads soon” to “i need to get brake pads now”.  dammit dammit dammit.

the good thing is that i was responsible with my bonus check and put 1/2 of it in savings.  so i can afford to purchase them without having to beg my parental units for help.  whew.  sooooo glad i did that.

what my savings will be buying



but the part that hurts my heart is that i was saving up for a canon eos 7d.  a pretty bitchin camera that will allow me to pretend to be a b’dass like KK and Monkey (they are official b’dasses, i’m the one pretending to be).  and i was 59% of the way there to buying it!  my bday is still so far away and the pops hasn’t picked up on any of my hints that it might be an awesome early bday present.  guess i’ll just have to be extra thrifty these next few months to make up for the hit on my “buy a bitchin camera” fundage. 

what i wish was buying instead of brake pads



but i guess it’s better to be able to stop my car on demand than take pretty pictures.  but man, i sure would prefer to take pretty pictures.  (and yes, i am aware that i’m being spoiled-brattish)


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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