Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




this week, i will have spent a total of 4 days in tulsa.  first for lil M’s bday extravaganza.  then for this awesome meeting.  and yesterday for our year kick off meeting/social, or as my team and i like to call it…the catalina wine mixer.

the meeting i went to on tues & weds was probably the most fun meeting EVER.  i won’t bore you with too many details…so here’s the gist.  all of the oklahoma sales & store managers were at the meeting, and we were split into 8 groups.  4 in the upstairs conference room and 4 in the downstairs conference room.  we were then given a simulation of a store to run for 3 years.  it was really detailed and our decisions impacted how the store did.  then at the end, we were ranked by how profitable we were.

yeah, my team was #1.  cuz we’re awesome like that.  our store made 10.3 million dollar…i think i need a pay raise.

so on to the catalina wine mixer.

it’s really rad because everyone in oklahoma gathers together for our year kick off party.  i mean, everyone.  we close up shop, load up charter buses, and head up to tulsa.  our executive leadership is there, CEO and all, to talk to us about how we did last year and what to expect coming up through the next year.  normally it’s this elaborate production that is just bananas.  this year it was a little different.  our beloved CEO is retiring this year, so in honor of him we took a look back at all of the wonderful things he’s accomplished.  it was very touching and, i’ll admit it, i teared up a couple of times.

after that, we all head over to the social hour.  they serve dinner, wine & beer, and give us all a change to mingle.  it’s pretty darn fun.  it’s the freakin catalina wine mixer.

two really crazy things happened.  one was really flattering and one was freakin hi-lar-ious.

first.  my boss’ boss’ boss thinks the Project 2,010 Hugs is awesome.  she has good taste.  it’s a pretty awesome project.  during the catalina wine mixer, she brings over the company’s PR reps to talk to me.  i tell them all about the project, and how it’s related to my blog.  i tell them about the inspiration for it, how it’s progressing, and how awesome people have been about participating.  i also tell them about planning a Hug Awareness day to raise hugs pics and (new twist, thanks KK!) that i want to sell hugs for $1 and donate the money to a charity.  they are very nice, very polite, and listened to me prattle on about me, my blog & the project.  although i’m sure i was boring them to death.  either way, it was really flattering to have them talk to me…really boosted the ole ego.  not that i really need that.  but it’s always nice to be validated.

so the second thing…and it’s pretty funny, you might want to go to the bathroom really quick so you don’t pee your pants…as i’m talking to the PR peeps, the girl that i had the awkward hug with, part of the whole inspiration for the project, came up to me!

recipient of awkward hug: so, i hear we had an awkward hug moment.

me: yeeeeeeeah.  i thought you were someone else.  sorry about that

RoAH: oh, i just thought you were being really friendly.  i didn’t think it was that awkward.

me: well, i mean, i am…but it was a little more intense of a hug than i probably would have given you considering we’ve met like 5 times.  i started a project partly because of that hug [me talking about project].  oh! can we get a pic!

so yes, i got a hug pic with the original awkward hug!  hahahahaha.  and she didn’t even think it was that awkward.  i love it.  this is why i WIN!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

2 thoughts on “CATALINA WINE MIXER

  1. Holy Thunderfuck! We have been joking about the Catalina Wine Mixer ALL DAY. Great minds think alike…. xoxo

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