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when i think about this past weekend, all i can say is “the shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s”.


at 5pm on saturday evening, a magical transformation took place.

the work zombie took off its top hat, donned smurf blue puma boots, and emerged as a party monster.

and i owe it all to the birth of lil M on tuesday.  and her fantastico party on saturday.


sutures did not disappoint.  it hosted a rockin gathering of celebrators and the wonderful bday girl…and my party monster spirit could not be more happy!  there were the stone cold t-town crew (lil M, the lovely Wallflower, Button, Triple C and her lil sis, T, plus a bevy of other people who i met) not to mention 3 of my favorite ladies that came into town (cousin A-sizzle, Geredith, and Lady Green).


on the drive up to tulsa, i decided that i wanted to do 2 things

1) party

2) hug some people

kids, it was a mission freakin accomplished.  and all at the low low price of a $30 tab (man o man, how i love being in a group so large that it overwhelms the waitress and i don’t get charged for most of my drinks.  don’t worry, i tipped well).


after snapping as many hug pictures of the group as possible, my drunk ass decided to hug everyone in the bar.  and with the help of Lady Green, i did just that.  i hugged so many strangers.  so very many strangers.  i literally went from one person to the next going

 “hi, i have kind of a weird question.  i’m working on  a project where i’m trying to get 2,010 pictures of hugs by the end of 2010.  can i take a pic of us hugging?”

and sometimes, my drunkiness kicked in and i said

“hi, i have kind of a weird question.  i’m trying to get 2,010 by 2010.  ah.  crap.  i fucked that up.  i’m trying to get hugs by 2010.  ah, hell…i’m too drunk for the spiel…can i take a pic of us hugging?”


here is why i love oklahoma…any other place in the world people would look at me like i was a lunatic and say “hell no”.  but here, people are all about helping out.  i had a few people who looked at Lady Green and asked if i was legit.  when she replied yes, that was good enough for them (apparently she’s the Legit Police).  oklahomies love hugs.  i only had 1 person who didn’t want to oblige, but i am persistent and said he didn’t have to show his face…so he caved and gave me a hug.  there were 2 bartenders that were too busy…not including them, i hugged every single person.  and even got 3 kisses on the cheek to boot.


the bar closed down and A-sizzle drove all of our drunk asses to mcdonalds, which was bumpin.  so instead of waiting patiently, i decided to hug everyone waiting in line at the drive thru.  which was awesome.  i had a girl end her phone call, jump out of the car and shed her jacket so she could show off her new tat sleeve.  freakin rad…man i love oklahoma.


sunday was relaxing and full of recovery.  luckily i didn’t suffer from the pyrotechnic tummy, but i did suffer from the “i partied til my face melted off” general tiredness.  i grubbed on some arby’s market fresh sandwich, watched Role Models with lil M, napped and eventually dragged myself to the car so i could head home.


yep, all-in-all, victory to me.  i spent time with some of my favorite people, the party monster got a break from the work zombie cage, and i captured 100+ pictures of hugs (many of them freakin hilarious).


oh!  and i created a fan page for Project 2,010 Hugs on facebook.  i figured that the strangers i take pictures with might want to see them and it does make the project seem a little more legit.  so become a fan of it (if you haven’t already).  soon to come, a Hug Awareness day (my hug benefit) and possibly a Project 2,010 Hugs t-shirt.

one of my favorite hugs…me doing the “koala hug” with Triple C



Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

One thought on “FROM TULSA WITH LOVE

  1. You should make business cards with a link to your facebook fansite. That would make it really seem legit when you handed them your card! lol PS I think our “hug” pic is the best! I totally suprised you!

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