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eep.  i just tallied how many hugs pics i have completed and how many i have left to go.  several charming people have mentioned that i’m behind the hug curve, but doing the math really drove it home.  here, i’ll share…

my daily average needs to be 5.5 per day….let’s round it up to 6.

today is the 58th day of the year.

so i should be at 319 hugs by now.

so far i have 169 hugs (17 have yet to be posted on FB).

i am short 150 hugs.

man o man, i really need to step up my game.  in a big bad way.  luckily i am going to T town for lil M’s bday extravaganza.  i think i can put a real dent in the 150 hugs…heck, if my camera will stay charged i think i could accomplish 150 hugs.  we are returning to sutures, which is a fantastic.  i absolutely love that place (keep your fingers crossed that i have another $13 tab!!).  there will be a gathering of my favorite tulsa-ites, not to mention several of my favorite okc kids making the trek up north.  and once i have a few alcoholic beverages in my system, i have no problem asking strangers for hugs.  yeah, i think i can get 150 hugs.  easy breezy.


but that will just get me to where i need to be.  i need a better strategy for this whole project. 

instead of looking at it daily, i’m going to look at it weekly.  during the week i’m all work-zombified and snapping hug pics doesn’t even register in my pea-brain.  if i look at the week as a whole, i have to get 42 hugs a week.  that’s simple enough.  i can get that done on the weekend…anything extra is just gravy.


mr bix says "be a cool kid like me, give my mom a hug!"

another thought…what about a HUG BENEFIT? 

it’ll cost you nothing, just a friendly embrace that’s documented on jpeg.  it’d benefit project 2,010 hugs in 2010.  not to mention it’d be a big victory to me over the sneaky sneak ‘010.

here’s how it would work…i’ll pick a neat location.  i’m thinking on a sunday.  and i’ll stay there for a period of time, probably 2 hours or so.  most likely early afternoon… that way people have time for brunch and whatnot.  then i’ll let everyone know where and when i’ll be (in advance, of course). 

then, if you want to donate a hug picture for the 2,010 hugs in 2010 all you have to do is show up.  you can bring whoever you want to hug.  or if you just want to hug lil ole me, i’m more than happy to oblige.  

after the hug picture has been taken, you can mosey on or stay and kick it with me.

it’d be nice to mix up the people in the pics (not that i don’t love my stone-cold solid homies that have let me snap many a hug pictures…you guys rock and i appreciate each and every hug!!).  and it’d be cool to reconnect with people that i don’t talk to as frequently.



so, dear readers…all 5 of you wonderful people…what do you think?  would you attend the hug benefit if i set it up?  let me know your thoughts and opinions…


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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