Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




is it just me, or has the past few weeks felt just totally blah?

i’ve done a social survey, and apparently i’m not alone.  so i feel the necessity to rant about this.

see, the thing is, i haven’t felt bad.  i’m not like “argh, damn you ‘010!! you’re such a cock-smack!!”.  but i’m also not like “wooohooooo!  in your face ‘010! put that in your pipe and smoke it!”.  mostly it’s just shades of gray with the occasional burst of color (like valentine’s day, red’s party, and today’s boudoir shoot.  which by the way, i brought sexy back.  and no one but me will see…it’s a sneaky sexy back).

i feel like i’m on the verge of something.  it’s like that split second on the swing where you’re about to break gravity.  and then WOOOOOOOOSH you swing back down.  my question is this…is the woosh back down going to be the exhilarating ride that builds the excitement for the next climb or is it going to be the last swing before i toss my cookies and decide to go home?

me, i’m the eternal optimist.  really, i am.  a lot of weird shit has been going on (coo-coo-crazy-train people, my night-time dreams, mr bix jumping on me more than usual) and it hasn’t even phased me.  and a lot of things that i once felt were the end-all-be-all no longer seem that important.  but i can’t help but wonder “what’s just over the horizon?”

i’ve seen glimpses, i’ve seen glimmers…so i can’t help but quirk my lips in a sly smile and think “shit’s going to get bananas here soon, and imma gonna like it”.  right now i’m hibernating, and come springtime…all bets are off.

so who’s with me?  have you been feeling zombie-esque lately?  have you felt so blah or tunnel visioned that you don’t know what day it is?  come with me, my friend…i have a feeling that things are going to be freaking a-maze-ing.

and if they aren’t, well…at least i’ll have your brains to eat.  mwahaha.  kidding.

here’s a pg-13 pic from my boudoir shoot.  not gonna lie, me + vintage records = pretty freakin awesome.


sneaky sexy back