Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?


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holy bananas.  all i want to do today is be productive.  has that happened?  no.  and it’s not because i’m procrastinating…it’s because of the evil HP color printer that lives in the inventory room and it’s 2 cronies (the other printers).  it’s like the troll that lives under the bridge and won’t let the billy goats gruff pass. 


our pricing changed on some of the items, so i, like the good manager i am, go to print them.  it has to be in color and the only color printer is in the inventory room…inconveniently located from all of the items that i need to update.  

not all of our prices have changed.  so i think “hmm, to save myself the trouble of manually writing out all the phone’s current prices, i’ll just print of the pricing matrix and compare the price tags!  meredith, you are one smart lady.” 

man, i’m a genius.  i’m sitting back in the room, feeling very proud of myself, pull up the matrix and print to the black & white printer (gotta save the company’s dime…color printer ink is expensive!!)

easy breezy.

weird, 3 blank pages.  i must have done something wrong.


3 blank pages.

copy matrix to Word, reprint.


what the crap.  delete printer, re-add printer, reprint.


fine.  you wanna be like that?  choose different black & white printer and reprint.

3 blank pages.

ok, now i know that by now i’ve spent more time on this than if i had just written down the prices myself.  but i’m on a mission.  a mission to beat the stupid printer.

delete 2nd printer , re-add 2nd printer, reprint matrix.  then i copy onto Word and print…a 2 sided attack!

3 blank pages.  ERROR.


fine.  i give up.  walk around & take note of the ones that changed.

go back to inventory room.  pull up the documents and print on the color printer.  pull the documents off of the tray and flip through them.  hmmm…only 1/2 of them are the right color (a distinctive slate blue) and the rest are a creepy flesh color.  color ink is out.  fantastic.  i scurry to my office, dig through my desk…i only have black ink.  awesome.  freakin fantastically awesome.


i write-up a list of other things i need, grab my keys and head to the office supply store. 

of course i get the squeaky cart.  of course nothing is where it should be.  of course i forgot my phone which has a note of the type of ink i need at my store.  of course of course of course.

i want to sit down in the middle of the store and throw a screaming, leg kicking fit like a 2 yr old.

i find the ink (luckily my mind is like a steel trap and i remember what kind), push my squeaky cart to the check out line, and head back to the store.

i print off the rest of my price cards, cut them to the appropriate size, and place them on the sales floor.  done.  and it only took me 1.5 hours. 

currently i am sitting at my desk, eating the oh-so-bland leftover subway sandwich and water (all the while wishing it was a greasy cheeseburger and a vat of coca-cola classic.  let’s face it, mama needs to eat her emotions today) and venting to my blog.

*pop* incoming email!  it’s a list of the prices that need to be changed (gee, thanks…great timing).  i’m scanning it…oh, sweet, there are 3 price cards i missed…that’s just fantastic.  that’s freakin fantastically awesome.


would it be so wrong if i throw all of the printers out into the street?


thank tiny baby jesus (and brimsy for buying them) that i have a stash of girlscout cookies i can devour. 


hug picture of the day…because i miss Lil M and i also really would love a shot

me & lil m showing our appreciation to the liquor gods via hugs