Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?


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but i did have a blast this weekend, and that’s fo sho.

obviously i did not have a “special someone” to share a romantic gaze across a candle-lit dinner with.  but i did have 2 amazing friends to share pizza and watch the olympics with while we waxed poetically about who smelled more like the bars. 


let me rewind a bit to saturday night…

Lil M and her friend TJ came into town on saturday.  so of course we have to go out and party it up OKC style.  for the past week, i’ve felt like a zombie.  i’ve just been blah and uninterested/uninteresting.  saturday night, the zombie woke up and wanted to party.  like it was 1999.  and party we did.

we went to edna’s, we went to the copa, we picked up 3.2 beer and carried the party to my house.  i took a million pictures of people hugging.  well, not really a million.  but i did bring the count up to over 100 (i’ll post them soon, i promise).  i laughed, i talked, i counted & recounted all of the hug pictures i took.  heck, i even danced…and for those of you don’t know me well, let’s just say that i have to be past tipsy and on the way to smashed-ville if i’m dancing.


that brings us up to the valentine’s day. 

and one very hung-over meredith.  one of the crappier things about being 26 is that my post-drinking rebound time is significantly longer than it used to be.  then again, i don’t drink as much as i used to in college (which is probably a good thing).  anyroo, it now takes me a complete day to recover.  back in the day, all i had to do was eat a nacho bell grande and i’d be back in business.  i tried that yesterday.  FYI, doesn’t work any more.

but lounging about all day with Lil M and TJ does.  We watched movies, took cat naps, complained about how gross we all smelled, ordered pizza, wore stick-on mustaches (mine was a distinguished gray), watched the olympics, and laughed our asses off.


hands down the best valentine’s day ever.  i win. 

hug pic of the day…brian & me

the most awkward index-finger hug ever.