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so back in the day, when myspace was really popular, i used to pass the time by taking stupid surveys.  my favorite one was where i had to say 25 random facts, habits, or goals about myself .

i can’t think of any funny story to share, so i am going to re-do this survey and try not to repeat any of my old answers.  which will be tough.  but i’m going to try.  heads up though, i will cheat and sneak a few of the good previous answers in there.  here we go…

1)  i like the beach, but i hate sand.  really, i just hate when it gets stuck in between your fingers.  that feeling is the worst.  it is also why i hate wet-wipes.  sick

2) a well made turkey sandwich is the food of the gods, to me at least.

3) i have a “voice” that i picture as what mr bix would sound like if he could talk.  i like to imagine what he we would say.

4) i used to really dislike kids, until i met the 2 coolest kids i know (cohcoh and rikitikicambo).  now i think having a kid wouldn’t be so horrible.  although i am terrified that they won’t be as cool as cohcoh & rikitikicambo.  and that would just suck to have a lame kid.

5) i pick my nose in the car.  sometimes even when i’m hanging out with my close friends.  while i know people can see me, in my mind i think that they can’t.

6) i could never have an indoor cat.  i’m terrified of the possibility that i might die in my condo and the cat would eat my face. 

7) when i was younger, all i wanted was to have braces and glasses.  i even lied during an eye exam to try to get glasses.  yep, i wanted to be a bigger dork than i already was.

8) i can make up a song for anything.  KK, Monkey and i have the best song ever.  i think it has 6 verses so far.

9) it is damn near impossible for me to be quiet for long periods of time.  i am a total chatter box.  and it only gets worse if i’m nervous.

10) my tattoo has 3 layers of meaning for me.  one is that Ldawg designed it for me, two is that i got it the day after my parents dropped me off for college, and the last is a joke that i had with my grandbob.  even if it’s considered a “tramp stamp” now, i will always love it.  for the record, it was not referred to as a “tramp stamp” when i got it.

11) i still really wish i could go on the real world.  too bad i’m way too old to be on it now.  but seriously, how dope is their house?!  i don’t give a shit about their crazy antics…i would just chill in the awesomeness of the abode.

12) every morning i sing in the shower.  very loudly and very out of tune.  my favorite shower songs are  “shake senora” and “black dog”.  when i sing “black dog” it is complete with air guitar solos and a bitchin drum solo.

13) i am the best at procrastinating.  take now, for example.  i am intending to finish up some documents for work.  instead, i’m writing this while eating string cheese and almonds.  in my defense, it is my day off & i’m trying to figure out how to sign on our vpn so i can access the documents.  but i’m still procrastinating.  i think i work best in crunch-city.

14) when i was a kid, i was terrified of beets.  my family used to torment me with threats of making me eat them.  i don’t know why i hated them so much.  i think their intense colors freaked me out.  i tried them a couple of years ago, they aren’t that bad.

15) my dad’s nickname for me, in full, is moosedust potato chip.  there is even a song that he made up.  (moosedust potato chip *clap clap* she is one of my kids.  i know a girl and her name is *clap clap* moosedust potato chip).  but i’m moosie for short. 

16) i have a really kick ass record collection, but my record player has been broken for about 6 years.  mental note, get that shit fixed.

17) i can’t mix liquor and beer in any fashion.  that whole “liquor before beer, all in the clear” saying is crap.  if i even think about changing my drink, i will have pyrotechnic tummy all day.  it is very inconvenient.  especially about every 6 months when drunk meredith thinks that somehow i can trick the drinking gods and mix it up.  i never win that one, the drinking gods are crafty.

18) when i was a kid, my mom wouldn’t get me a dog.  she only bought me goldfish.  problem was, she never told me that i couldn’t touch the goldfish.  i killed about a million of them because i kept taking them out of the water to pet them…goldfish refer to me as the grim reaper.

19) i very rarely wear socks.  they don’t let your toes wiggle.  p.s. my feet smell really bad.

20) i wish i could have a pet giraffe.

21) when i was a kid, i hate-hate-hated my name. i mean, c’mon…meredith lorraine black is not a name that any 8 yr old should tote around. now as an adult, i love it. i could not imagine me with any other name

22) until a week ago, i thought the phrase “up and at ’em” was “up and atom”.  i was always so confused as to why i was supposed to be an atom.  it makes much more sense now that i know the real phrase.

23) i rarely go to bed before midnight.  my brain just won’t shut down, no matter how tired i am.  i am also a grizzly bear in the morning.

24) whenever i have a problem i’m trying to solve, before i go to bed i think of talking to my grand bob (who passed away) so that i can dream of him and get advice. we always meet at la baguette and eat french onion soup. and we talk and he gives me his advice on what i should do. i know it’s really my subconscious working out the solution, but somehow, when it comes from him i know it’s the right choice. he has a pleasant face and the best voice.

25) i love public transportation.  whenever i go to a city that has a subway or tram system, i always ride it at least once.  and i save the card.  it’s a shame public transportation is pretty much non-existant in oklahoma.

yep, so there you have it.  25 random things about me.


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