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this morning i woke up and gazed into the big, chocolate-brown eyes of mr bix and thought “man, i love my dog.  he is so awesome.”  i gave him a good morning hug, stretched, and dangled my feet over the edge of the bed.  mr bix sat next to me, and he was just so darn cute that i had to give him another hug.

that’s when i stepped in dog vomit.  placed conveniently just so.

i looked down into those conniving, googly eyes and i swear that evil canine was smiling at me.  the jerk.  i thought about how i could turn him into a cool hat as i wiped the puke from the bottom of my foot.  and while the thought was pretty tempting, i could never do that.  i love that googly-eyed jerk of a dog.

but ‘010 will not win today.  i’m calling a “zack morris time-out” on the beginning of a crappy day.  instead, i will share the new kick-ass mix tape i made last night.  ok ok, it’s not an actual mix tape.  more like a mix playlist.  but mix playlist doesn’t have the right sound, so i will call it a mix “tape”.  the quotation marks make all the difference.  the one i made last night is particularly b’dass. 

i call it the “suck it ‘010” mix.  it has a little bit of everything, as a well made mix does.  without further delay, here it is:

1) black betty- ram jam

2) black dog- led zeppelin

3) heroes- david bowie

4) good ol’ fashion nightmare- matt & kim

5) dog days are over- florence and the machine

6) truck- octopus project

7) 1901- phoenix

8) paper planes- m.i.a.

9) my drive through- santogold, pharrell williams and julian casablanca

10) yummy- gwen stefani

11) sexy back- justin timberlake

12) tik tok- ke$ha

13) poker face- lady gaga

14) i’m in miami bitch- lmfao

15) gifted- n.a.s.a. feat kanye west, lykke li, and santogold

16) kick, push- lupe fiasco

17) come around- m.i.a. feat timbaland

18) fireball- dev

19) club love- the cataracs

20) shove it- santogold feat spank rock

21) way down- n.a.s.a. feat rza, barbie hatch, and john frusciante

22) black & gold- sam sparro

23) i was a lover- t.v. on the radio

24) heartbeats- the knife

25) electric feel- mgmt

26) daylight- matt & kim

27) knocked up (rodeo mash up)- kings of leon vs. lykke li

28) howl- florence and the machine

29) the beast and dragon, adored- spoon

30) specialist- interpol

31) criminal- fiona apple


i will not give in to the temptation to call this day a defeat.  instead, i’m going to freakin rock ‘010s socks off with good music, a delish microwave meal (the delish is a lie.  microwave meal is a truth),  and a date with the Scientist tonight.


hug of the day…me & derek.  derek looks gangsta. 

me and "billy bad-ass"


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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