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i don’t really have much today.  i just got out of an all day quarterly manager meeting.  which means that a) i have a lot of things to work on 2) i have a lot of deadlines rolling around in my head and III) i need a beer.  maybe two beers.  oh hell, who am i kidding?  i need 4 beers and some freakin nachos.

luckily i’m about to meet up with the lovely megarie for beers, nachos, and talking over the things that have just been smashed into my little pea-brain.  she’s the best for talking things through with…she gives me an outside perspective and we come up with the best ideas.  especially if a few beers are involved.


i do have a quick funny story to share…the story of the mystery password that popped up on my phone.

the other day, i woke up to my blackberry asking for a password to unlock the keypad.  now this is odd.  i’ve never had to use a password.  normally i just press the * key and then the talk key and presto!  it’s unlocked.  not the case now.  i now have to enter in a full-fledged password to unlock the damn thing.  inconvenient…you bet your best pair of pants it is!

i was so befuddled…i must have changed a setting on my phone in my sleep.  i have been known to answer a text when i’m only half awake and then tuck my phone under the pillow.  could i have changed it then?  if i did, then props to my head for being so magical that it can get the exact sequence right to change the flippin password.

i spent the better part of 3 days trying to figure out what the hell i had done.  i mean, c’mon…if my sleeping head can change the setting, surely awake meredith could figure it the fuck out.  i checked the manual.  i checked online.  i checked with the blackberry guru, jerbear, to figure it out.  all roads lead to stumped-ville.

today i received a delightful work email telling us that as a security precaution, all blackberries with work email would now require a password.  freakin fantastic.  you’d think they could’ve sent that out 3 days ago.  apparently my sleeping head is not magical.

thanks, ‘010, for now making my phone a bitch to unlock.  you’re swell.  on the plus side, no one outside of the company can access all the super-fun-tastic emails i get every day.  nope, i get the supreme pleasure of doing that.


project 2,010 hugs is off at a gallop!  i already have 21 pictures and it’s only the 2nd day!  i posted them on facebook, but here’s a few for your viewing…

me, cohcoh, and katie. oh, and my super disasterous bangs.


and of course, gotta include the first hug with my monster puppy.  of the project, that is.  i give mr bix hugs all the time.

i heart bix


21 pictures down, 1,989 to go. 


ta-ta for now, i’m off to go have a well deserved beer.  or 4.  and nachos.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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