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in the contest for my new challenge of ridiculousness, here’s the results…


in 4th place with 1 vote….Menu Anyone?  (poor lil fellow never had a chance)

in 3rd place with 2 votes…Picture Perfect Day

in 2nd place with 3 votes…Beer Tour



hugs wins! hugs wins! crushing the opposition with 15 votes!  which is really great because even if it lost, it’d still win.  luckily y’all were on the same page and i didn’t have to cheat.  so thank you for keeping me honest. 


thank you, all 21 of you who voted, for your participation.  that is awesome.


so now, the rules and guidelines of 2,01o Awkward Hugs.

*i either have to be present in the picture or the person taking the picture.

             i thought about being in all the pics, but you’d get really sick of seeing me in the picture.  i know i would.  also, this way i can’t cheat by using pictures that other people have taken.  and i can’t use pics that i’ve already taken, they have to be from now to the end of ‘010.  although if you have an awkward hug you’d like to share that’s awesome, i’m a total fan of posting it…although it won’t count towards my 2,010.

*the hugging pair can only be used once a week. 

              such as, if i have a picture of me hugging KK i cannot take another picture of me hugging KK that week. however, i can take a picture of KK hugging CohCoh.  i can’t do only 1 pick per pair total because, well, i don’t know 2,010 people.  some pairs will be recycled several times.  trust.

*i can hug inanimate objects, as long as they are funny. 

                 “funny” will be determined by at least 2 witnesses confirming it’s comedic.  this will also help to mix things up again

*at least once a week i have to take a pic of me hugging a stranger

                they can be either a total stranger or a friend of a friend that i do not know. 

*i will post the best pics on the blog

                i will try to include one per post, or at least 3 pics per week included.  this way you can see some of the awesomeness that is this challenge.  as for the rest of these pics, i will create an album on my facebook for your viewing.


so there’s the new challenge. 

i think i’m up to it.  i have to average 6.17 hugs per day in order to reach my goal.  holy crap, that is a lot of hugs.  but i can do this…pointless challenges are what i live for (well, not really “live for”.  they do make things more interesting though).

so get ready kiddos…if i see you, i will be hugging you.  in  non-creepy but slightly awkward fashion.  and taking a picture of it.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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