Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




grab a box of tissues, kiddos, because i have a sad sad tale to tell.


it began yesterday when i got home.  on my garage clip (where the HOA clips news & such) i had a letter.  it didn’t look like the normal HOA passive aggressive hateful newsletters or “where’s our money” letters (for the record, i do always pay my HOA…just on the last day that it’s due by.  i like to keep ’em guessing).

hmm…not HOA hatin on the youngest homeowner?  interesting…what is this?


it was a very nice letter from my postman, cameron.  he wanted to let me know that my mailbox was full and that tomorrow everything would be returned to the sender.


i hate checking my mail.  my mailbox is across the little condo-road, about 20 ft from my door.  while it’s not super inconvenient, it’s not all that convenient for me.  let’s face it, i’m a gal who needs for things like mailboxes to be convenient if i’m going to check it.  convenient.  just wanted to say the word one more time.  ha.  besides, i pay all of my bills online & nothing good ever comes in the mail.


so today, during my lunch break, i make the trek to the post office.  and let me tell you, that place was a bumpin.  there was a line out the door.  and, of course, only one window open.  so i wait.  and wait.  and  wait.  there goes my hour lunch, now i get to spend my “personal time” that work so graciously gives us on waiting in line at the stupid post office.  sweet.  normally i don’t mind waiting.  ok, that’s a lie.  i hate waiting.  i am as impatient as can be.  and i hate it when people try to crowd you.  has no one ever heard of the “3 ft personal space?”  or heck, i won’t be picky, just give me 10 inches of personal space!  either way, getting closer to me is not going to make the old dude at the counter move faster.  he just spent 10 minutes weighing a package, i don’t think you scooting closer to me will prompt him to suddenly become sir speedy.  added bonus, the line creepers always smell funny.  why is that?

finally i make it up to the front of the line, make my request and wait.  the guy comes back with one of the mail bins full of my mail.  eek, guess it’s been longer than i thought since i last checked ye ole mailbox.  i thank the dude, grab my bin and hustle out to the car. 

while waiting at a stop light, i shuffle through a bit of the mail.  something from the tax commissioner…what’s this all about?

*celebration car dance!!!!*

it’s a check!  a check!! for $540!!! i’m rich rich rich!! yay!  yippee!  huzzah and hip hip hooray!! something good does come in the mail!!

i give it a closer inspection.

“expires 90 days after issued”

glance at the issue date.  10/8/09.  quick counting on fingers.


i have passed the 90 days.  i pull over, surely they noticed i didn’t cash it and re-issued me a check…i dig through the pile of flyers and coupons, praying to the gods.  nope.  nothing.  nada.


epic fail, my friends.  i had $540 and lost it because i’m too lazy to walk across the street from my door to my mailbox.  i know that it technically is my fault, but i’m going to blame ‘010.  why?  well, because i freakin feel like it.  and now i want to lay my head down and weep bitterly.  i had plans for that $540.  big plans.  cute shoe plans.  maybe that crazy new hair curling iron that mimsy has plans. 

tomorrow i will sift through the mail again to find a number to see if i can get the check re-issued.  knowing my luck, though, i will never find it. 


oh!  in my misery i almost forgot to tell you about the date with the Scientist.  it went really well.  he’s funny and smart, has good taste in dive bars (the place was very similar to my fav place the wilshire club), and became a research scientist because he wants to help humanity.  not to mention that he’s pretty darn cute.  there may have even been a goodnight kiss, but a lady never tells.  keep your fingers crossed for me that he asks me out again.  that would be swell.


p.s. have you voted yet?  only 2 more days left before the poll closes!!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!


  1. I once accidentally threw away a check that was a retirement payout from a company Joe once worked for. Thankfully, he goes behind me and double-checks everything I do so he fished the check out. I’m still bitter about that. I think they’ll re-issue you a check. If they don’t, I will hunt them down and let them know that Tuesday night rocked their faces off.

  2. I actually tried to count all of the O’s in NO, but gave up really fast.

    Your version of NO was an inconvenience to my brain.

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