Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




and yesterday’s victor was…drum roll please…ME!

after leaving work, i drove my swamp hair promptly to moore, ok so that my hairstylist could work some magic and resurrect the awesomeness.  now, this was a little nerve-wracking because the recent ex-fling lives literally down the street from the salon.  and the last thing i want to have happen is for him to see me, in all my swamp hair glory, and think that i’m creeping on him.  and just so everyone knows, i would not stoop so low as to do the drive-by creep.  that’s soooo 1990’s, we have facebook now to satisfy any morbid curiosity.  kidding.  sort of.  although i fully admit that when i passed the street his apt is on, i rebelliously raised a middle finger and sent a “fuck you” in his general direction.  hey, i’m only human. 

upon my ex-fling-free arrival at the salon, my hairstylist just stared at the seaweed locks sprouting from my head. 

me: it’s pretty bad.  almost like a halloween wig

her: no, i think it’s worse.  don’t worry, we’ll fix this.

me: i hope so.  i can’t walk around looking like this anymore

so she worked her magic and now my hair is back to it’s rocktastic status.  point to me.

afterwards, me and my new ‘do drive back up to okc (another ex-fling-free drive) to drop off Mr. Bix at the mom’s.  she kindly offered to dog-sit for me (since i watched the Dragon dog on weds for her) so that i could go up to T town and get my party on with my cousin (who i shall refer to as Lil M) and her peeps…most specifically lil M’s friend who is turning 25.  then i hopped back into the car and zoom up the turnpike to said party.

*warning…random tangent alert*

there is nothing that i love more than a road trip.  be it 1 hr or 10 hrs, i love the feeling of knowing there is an open road ahead of me and an endless amount of places i can go.  when driving alone, i love to put the ipod on shuffle and blast the music while i sing at the top of my voice.  and somehow, magically, on a road trip i sing like an angelic version of robert plant.  i think it’s the acoustics or something, since anywhere else i sound like a dying seagull.  i’d rank a good road trip in the top 10 favorite things in the world.  right next to swinging in swings at the park.

ok, back on track.  so i drive up and was greeted by an apartment full of people…all ready to go to the bar and celebrate the birthday girl’s 25th.  we all pile into various vehicles and drive up the street to the local bar, sutures.  and there we drink.  and drink.  and drink.  it’s a nice dive bar, complete with medical equipment hanging from the walls & an exam table which the  bday girl was laid out on while the bouncer (who wasn’t too bad-looking, if you could get past his need to see a orthodontist and his poor decision-making in tattoos) administered her birthday shot.  oh, and the stripper pole.  what medical themed dive bar would be complete without a stripper pole?  if you danced on said stripper pole for the majority of a song, you received a free shot.  yours truly did not dance on said stripper pole…no one would want to see that.  but several fellow birthday attendees did.  it was a comical and slightly horrifying sight.  people will do almost anything for free booze.

i met several awesome people who are worth mentioning.  the first being the lovely Wallflower.  he was fascinating to talk with and kept me on my toes.  thanks to him, i have a list a mile long of movies i need to see and books i must read.  the second was a great couple who made me laugh.  not to mention the people i had already met (the bday girl and the intended recipient of the awkward hug moment).

the party dominated the bar, tons of dancing and laughter and party pictures.  there were only a few casualties who lost the battle with lady liquor and were taxied home by friends.  finally, at 2 am we shut that bar down (only a $13 tab…i thanked the waitress for forgetting to document the majority of my blue moons with a generous tip.  i appreciate her confusion) and everyone stumbled/carried/were carried/lazily weaved to our respective cars.

this morning i woke up to lil Ms insistence that we get up and go get something to drink (nonalcoholic fo sho).  during my pleas for “just 5 more minutes of sleep”, i noticed that lil M’s pajama pants have pockets.

me: dude, your pjs have pockets

lil M: yeah, lots of things have pockets nowadays

me: what do you need to carry on you while you sleep?  a pen?

lil M: you’re pants don’t have pockets

*cue sad music and me, pocket-less, walking away in silhouette.

me: no, they don’t.  i don’t need pockets (but i did have a twinge of jealousy).  let’s go get food.

so yes, i win.  i win i win i win.  this morning hanging with lil M was excellent, laughing at hangover sound bites and whispering random words à la brick from ‘in the middle’.  also, i had the last of the series of meetings tonight which is awesome.

‘010, i have dominated both the end of a week as well as the beginning of the new week.  how ya like that?! pa-yow!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!


  1. My thighs have pockets, that’s why they are so big. I’m glad you got your hair fixed, we can hang out again now. Er…I mean…I love you?

    • wow, i’m glad to know that the future of our friendship is dangles by a hair! get it? hair? i mean…i love you too!!

      and your thighs don’t have pockets. ew, that’d be too weird if they did. i just got a mental picture of thigh pockets and it was noooooooot pretty! i need to go clorox my brain to try and remove that image!

  2. Love this…and wow I need to visit this dive bar aptly named sutures with a stripper pole…free drinks anyone??!! Okay it’s official I need an okc trip again soon!!!

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